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Webserver Logging

This website uses industry-standard webservers and they are configured to generate standard log files which collect information including: your IP address, your browser type, each URL accessed, the time & data of each access, and other, similar data. I periodically analyze these logs in order to understand how to improve

Cookies uses cookies in order to track basic user progressions through the website. Again, this is done in order to understand macro-level, user-experience trends. Individual user actions are neither extracted nor analyzed.

This site also uses cookies for affiliate sales tracking using industry-standard practices.

External Links

The content within this website contains numerous links to other websites. As a user you are responsible for seeking out and understanding the privacy policies of these external websites. If you are unable to determine the privacy policies of a particular external website or if you are not satisfied with the website's policies, you should choose not to visit the website.


If you have questions, you can contact me via my contact page.

Updates to this Policy

The details of his privacy policy may be updated at any time, without prior notice.